How to find Your yoga teacher?

Oct 17, 2023

How to find Your yoga teacher?

First of all, Your perfect yoga teacher is NOT a perfect teacher with extreme knowledge and mastered techniques! Your perfect fit is someone who feels warm, safe, comfortable and inspiring. If you like a person’s energy and enjoy being around, that’s the one!

As a teacher myself I had some struggles in the past, taking very personally, very close to heart occasions like non-returning students… But then I realized: I myself have a better click with some people and a bit less with others. And it doesn’t often lie on their expertise or teaching style. It can be just something about their personal energy, sense of humour, this inner light that reflects more on some people and less on others. There is just this instant connection that we call a click!

How do you find Your teacher? Here is my advise!

  1. Try multiple lessons with multiple instructors. When lessons bring you joy, inspiration and a wish to be guided further, there you find your lead!
  2. Attend more than one lesson to understand a routine and teacher’s intention. Some teachers go by the book, some improvise, some are building development routine from class to class. It can take few lessons to understand teacher’s style and approach, but it’s worth giving a chance!
  3. A good teacher understands a principal: “Your Body, Your Practice”. You shouldn’t be pushed into any posture, alignment or structure to come in line with everyone else in the class. You rather be empowered and guided into a posture or its variation as a person of your own unique physique and abilities. With a right teacher you feel safe and conscious in your body!
  4. Don’t be shy to communicate with your teacher. There should be a connection, a conversation, a dialogue not only while yoga class, but before and after (if time allows). You and your teacher are in this together! Of course, you have questions! Of course, you have comments. And of course, you are just curious sometimes. Your teacher is interested in You and Your progress. If your instructor doesn’t seem approachable, maybe it’s not your perfect fit!
  5. Feel a click! A click sometimes depends on nothing and is not defined by anything! It’s just there! You can feel that this is your person and you feel like continuing on this yogic path together!

ByOlga Brouwer

Olga Brouwer is a RYT® 500 yoga teacher (completed a 500+ hour yoga teacher training that is registered with Yoga Alliance). Discover the transformative power of yoga with Olga as your guide.

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